10 Completely False “Facts” Everyone Still Believes!
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10 Completely False “Facts” Everyone Still Believes!

– Fact; you can’t be held
responsible for spreading false information if you say
you heard it from someone else. There are a lot of common
understandings that are passed on through the years
from generation to generation. And with how connected this
generation is, it’s easier than ever to pass around that information. But, what if I told you
that some of the most believed and understood
facts are actually false? Here are ten completely false facts that everyone still believes. Number ten is never wake a sleep walker. (snoring) It’s a very common belief
that you should never wake someone when they’re sleep walking because they could die of fright,
or they might end up losing it on you. Hey Timmy, (screams) The idea is that during
sleep walking a person is in such a deep sleep
that waking them suddenly can send them into shock,
and their heart could stop. But the truth is there’s
no evidence for this. It’s actually more dangerous
when you’re doing the walking. The worse that could really
happen is that a sleep walker is just gonna be confused
when they wake up. In some rare cases, they
are so dazed that they could panic and lash out. Sleep researchers say
that if you find someone sleep walking, gently guide
them back to their bed. But if they look like they’re
going to hurt themselves by stumbling around at night,
then it’s time to wake them. But be wary of a punch coming yo way. Realistically it’s not
going to happen, unless the individual you’re
waking is Conor McGregor, in which case I say just let him sleep. Number nine was the
forbidden fruit was an apple. In the Bible the famous
story of Adam and Eve states that they were the first
two people who ever lived. Their home, of course, was
the garden of Eden, and at its center was the tree
of knowledge, and in the pond around that tree was the knowledge whale. The story goes that Adam
and Eve ate the fruit from the tree, which gave them
knowledge of good and evil. Now whenever someone
tells this story, or draws a picture of it, the
fruit is usually an apple. But the truth is there’s no
mention of what the fruit actually is in the Bible itself. Most researchers believe
that the error comes from different translations. The Latin words for evil and apple are actually very similar,
hence the confusion. Well, I guess no one will ever really know what the fruit was. All we do know is that it was
delicious and succulent and… Anyone else hungry? Number eight is we have five senses. It’s often stated that human
beings only have five senses: taste, smell, touch, vision, and hearing. But as you guessed, this is wrong. In reality we have way
more than five senses. In fact, we may have as many as 12. These include all kinds
of things; like a sense of temperature, the sense of
time passing, sense of balance, sense of thirst, and many more. The myth of five senses
can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece. In facet the philosopher
Aristotle claimed that we have five senses, 2300 years ago. In more recent times this
myth has been further spread by people referring to
alleged psychic powers as the sixth sense. Realistically, if there was
such a thing as psychic power, it would be called something
like your 21st sense. But, then again, that’s a
terrible name for a movie. And Bruce Willis would not approve. Number seven is slaves built the pyramids. And this idea is still
spread around to this day. But in truth, the people
who worked on the pyramids were not slaves at all. They were actually free individuals. Everything from craftsmen
to professional builders, and were highly regarded
for doing an important job: constructing the tombs of the pharaohs. A lot of people assume
slaves were involved in the building of the pyramids
because it was such a monumental task. It made sense that in a time
where slavery was common, the cheapest labor had to be used. We now know that the
builders of the pyramids were not slaves at all, and in
fact, that they were so well regarded that they were
buried in their own tombs near the pyramids of
the pharaohs themselves. Now that’s prime real estate! Number six is water makes
your fingers wrinkle. It makes other things wrinkle too. Toes, toes I’m referring to. What’d you think? Most people swear that water makes their fingertips prune up. After all this commonly
happens after taking a shower, or a bath. It’s commonly believed that
the water soaks into the skin causing it to wrinkle. When the skin dries, it
becomes smooth again. But the truth is, and this
is gonna blow your mind, skin is actually waterproof. It’s not the water
getting into the skin that causes it to wrinkle. Instead, when a person is
immersed in water, it’s the brain that reacts to it. It increases heart rate and
perspiration, which then causes blood vessels in the
fingertips to contract; and then presto, you have wrinkly
little pruney fingers. It’s believed that this happens
to give us a better grip in wet conditions, which
is pretty handy if you fall in the pool, which
I’ve never done, of course. I’ve done it, once or twice. Number five are humans
evolved from chimpanzees. It’s often claimed that
human beings evolved directly from chimpanzees, but this is technically incorrect. They may be our closest
relatives in the animal kingdom, but chimpanzees didn’t evolve into us. If you trace our collective
family tree back far enough, you’ll find that we
share a common ancestor with the chimpanzee. It was an ape-like creature that came way before both species. At some point millions of
years ago, this species evolved into two separate animals. One went on to become us,
and the other split off to become other apes that we
see in the world today, including the chimpanzee. So instead of evolving from
a chimpanzee, we’re kind of like evolutionary siblings. In other words, we evolved
alongside each other. That explains why I like bananas so much. I’m kinda hungry now; excuse me. (chimpanzee noises) Number four are goldfish
have a three second memory. I have a terrible memory. Goldfish forget things
after just a few seconds, or at least that’s what people think. But it’s not actually true. In fact, goldfish have
pretty good memories. Definitely better than me. I can’t remember what I ate
for breakfast this morning. They can remember things
for at least several weeks, and can even be trained
to remember events months after the fact. In 2008, researchers did
a little experiment to see just how good a goldfish’s memory is. They would play a specific
sound every time they fed a group of goldfish. Kind of like a dinner bell. Eventually, the fish were
released into a fish farm, and five months later
the researchers played the sound again, and the
same fish followed it, remembering that it meant that
they were going to be fed. This research proves two things. One that goldfish have
complex memories, and two that you should never tell
your secrets around a goldfish, ’cause it’s gonna tell somebody. Loose lips sink ships. Number three is the great wall and space. You’ve probably heard the claim
that the Great wall of China is the only man made object
that can be seen from space. But it’s not true. Other man made structures
are also very visible. In fact, it’s often
almost impossible to see the Great Wall from
space with the naked eye. It’s only visible in
perfect viewing conditions from a really low orbit
of about 100 kilometers above sea level. Most astronauts spend their
time at a much higher orbit at the International Space
Station, between 330 kilometers and 435 kilometers way up there. And from there the Great
Wall can’t be seen. But believe it or not, many
other man made structures can. They include the 209 kilometer square Great Almeria Greenhouse in Spain, and the Great Bingham Canyon
Mine near Salt Lake City. And if the sunlight hits
my head, ding, at just the right moment, you can
see it from space as well. Number two are bats can’t see. It’s widely believed
wisdom that bats can’t see. They fly around in the
dark, live in caves, and suck people’s blood. Oh wait, no, that’s vampires. But still, many believe
that bats can’t see a thing. But the truth is, most
bats can see just fine. In fact, many of the 1300 species of bats have great eyesight, and
can use it for hunting. The common misconception that
bats can’t see is because people know that many bat species use echo location when flying. This means that they produce
sounds and then, depending on how those sounds echo
off of nearby objects, they can navigate around them. It’s like nature’s very own radar. But despite this amazing
talent, species like the brown long eared bat
combine their radar skills, as well as their eyesight
to hunt down flying insects. It also means that they can
see crucifixes, which means… Oh wait, no, that’s vampires again. Sorry, getting confused. And number one is the earth
revolves around the sun. Okay, okay, many of you are
gonna be like, what, how’s that? No, just hear me out. Most people believe that
earth revolves around the sun. But as crazy as this sounds,
that is technically wrong. What the earth actually does
is revolve around the center of our solar system’s mass. That means that everything
that’s in our solar system; the planets, moons, comets,
asteroids, and the sun itself, has its own center of
gravity, and that’s what we orbit around. Now, the reason that
people believe that we orbit around the sun is because
it kind of looks like that. This is because the sun
accounts for 99.87% of our solar system’s mass. That means that the
center of our solar system is usually very close to the sun itself. But, it can be as much as a
few hundred thousand kilometers away from it. It’s kind of like a
cosmic optical illusion. Now whenever someone mentions
that the earth orbits the sun, you can laugh smugly and
enjoy correcting them. Or don’t; it might not
make you very popular. Actually the earth doesn’t
revolve around the sun. That’s a technicality. See there’s the mass and things like that. Okay, you’ve walked away. Okay. So that was 10 completely false facts that everyone believes, except
not anymore, ’cause I’ve explained it to you. But if you guys enjoyed
this, remember to give it a big thumbs up. I do appreciate it. Also, be sure to subscribe
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because I release new videos all the time. Thank you guys for watching. I’ll see you when the earth revolves around the sun next time. Just kidding. Bye, bye.

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