100 thoughts on “1 Simple Hack to Getting 1000 Likes on Facebook

  1. How many likes do you get from whatever you're sharing on Facebook? Whether it's a video, an image, tell me how man likes you're getting.

    Leave a comment below with 10, 50, 100, 1000, chances are, I bet you're getting less than 1000.

  2. Hi Neil Patel, how are you? Thank you so much for this amazing strategy using mobile monkey. I will like to seek your advice of my recent site being disabled by google adsense. I have started blogging more than 6 months ago. I was suspended in late January for 1 month. I understand the reason for that. And had taken precautions. Just over a week, I was completely disabled and that for good, and this time for invalid traffic and someone clicking on my ads. I'm feeling broken and discouraged. As I have worked so much and have more than 40+ blog post on that site. I'm still confused as if I have to leave those posts in the bin and start all over again. I will be so grateful for your advice and help. Thanks!

  3. We were getting about 200-450 likes per post but the moment we crossed 10k total page likes the post likes fell to 20-100 per post

  4. Did you know that mobile monkey actually got suspended from Facebook not too long ago ? I had been using it and had to disable it, MM is very intrusive and they bombarded my account with messages. I have FB on my phone, and there was no let up from dinging all day long around the clock. Finally had to spank the monkey and put him in timeout.

  5. Personally i think that it is really important to tell people what to do, eg. "Like it" or "comment" or even better "comment: love this" if you do… and people are really interacting with you!! even that i am into marketing for quite time when you say to comment and there is a reason it make me like and comment easier. If the video was amazing but you disnt ask me to comment maybe i wouldent, i would've maybe just like it..

  6. Hi Neil, thanks a lot for your great new video. The big question is always the same..the email list it's mine forever…messenger list is Mark's property. I could find myself… suddenly….with nothing in the hands. After years of work. What is your advice? Thanks again.

  7. Thank you for explaining different techniques to increase engagement with the followers. They do work immediately as I have tried them recently.

  8. Thanks Neil. I have 2 questions for you – or any knowledgeable people here in the comment section. 1. Does this only work if your Fan Page already has at least 1000 likes and or followers? 2. How does Mobile Monkey compare to ManyChat?

  9. 25-50 likes and usually 2-3-4 shares. I tell stories on my fb page each morning and post them by about 7am. It can be anything from something inspirational/motivating. A parable/fable etc with commentary. Something on health which is my website subject (studied this for over 42 yrs)…and even fun and funny storytelling. SO come on over you all 🙂 And you too Neil…I could use some personal advice 🙂

  10. Can we post our post on facebook groups… Will it not against facebook policy or the reason to suspend account or page

  11. Hey Neil I'm doing hard work for my youtube and fb page…i just joined digital marketing course and my teacher told me to watch your tutorials…i have a question…is mobile monkey is safe to use or not? Pls reply

  12. I get maybe 2-3 likes. Plus, I added MobileMonkey about 3 weeks ago and I'm not getting any traction. I not quite sure what I need to tweak.

  13. Hi Neil, I am managing my facebook page since an year now But I have not been able to generate much likes and comments even after creating good quality content. Please help me to resolve this as my business is realy suffering due to this.

  14. I have 4,000 fans (and growing) and I get 400+ likes on most of my posts. I've been training my fans to like, comment, and share through incentives.

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