🔝 Top Free Apps 🖥️ You need to Know About
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🔝 Top Free Apps 🖥️ You need to Know About

Hello everybody! In this video, I’d like to show you best
rated free apps which I want you to know about. In fact, this is the list of must-have programs
for every PC and some other useful utilities to complement the list of software you need. Probably, every user has a handful of useful
apps installed on their computer. In today’s video, we’ll show you free
products which are just as good as their commercial counterparts in helping you deal with certain
tasks. So, let’s begin. Antivirus
Before downloading and installing anything, take care of your computer’s security and
get a decent antivirus. Sure, we all know Windows 10 features its
own integrated Defender app, but independent experts tend to be quite cautious when talking
about its efficiency. And if you are using an earlier version of
Windows 10, you just NEED to have one of the following products on your machine. Using a really good antivirus never harmed
anyone, right? For example, antivirus solutions from Avira
and Kaspersky Lab often receive best test reports, and both developers offer free products
to provide a decent security level. Avira Free Security Suite is a free multifunctional
utility package to make your digital life easier. This antivirus will prevent tracking your
online activities, protect your privacy and accelerate everyday performance. In addition to the security module, it packs
in a free VPN, a PC optimizer, a password manager and an update wizard. Another top-rated free antivirus is Kaspersky
Free. It will protect your computer from viruses,
block dangerous files and apps, and warn you of any malicious websites. The developer guarantees reliable protection
without affecting your system performance, and automatic updates will keep your computer
in the best shape to withstand most widespread threats. Browser
The next app to install is a browser, which is certainly one of the most popular programs
on any PC. Talking of browsers, the integrated products
you can find within any operating system are actually a weak point, and computer geeks
never use them because of the numerous errors and poor usability. For more comfortable web surfing, I recommend
installing one of the following products – each of them being a true leader of the industry
– Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox, Opera and Yandex. To me, Google Chrome really stands out of
the crowd. It supports tons of extensions to improve
its functionality in any way you could think of. Its cross-platform nature lets you sync user
data between stationary and mobile devices. Chrome offers automatic protection from phishing
and malicious websites. Torrent client
This utility will help you download other apps or files from torrent sites. Using only a browser is not enough when you
need to download large programs, videos and other files that require quite a lot of disk
space: if the download is interrupted, you’ll have to begin it again – from the very start,
and the download speed won’t make you happy, either. Fortunately, there are special apps designed
to overcome these difficulties and download large files in spite of any Internet connection
problems. Transmission is a light and easy BitTorrent
client to help you download any content from any torrent site. No extra functions to make it look bulkier:
only the basic tools you may need. You can add torrent files already saved to
your computer, and you can also drag links to the program’s window right from the tracker. In addition, it can download files by URL
as well. The utility lets you decide on the download
priority, limit download and upload speed, manage ratings, create your own torrents and
more. You can see detailed info on every torrent
file: size, availability, source, peers, trackers and so on. The interface is truly laconic and won’t
be difficult to use. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy
torrent client, this simple app is certainly worth your attention. File archiver
Later on, when you download some programs, you’ll certainly need an archiver as most
software products are provided in the form of archives, and it takes a specialized tool
to extract them. 7zip is a free archiver for Windows, with
decent performance and support for all modern formats. It can boast a high compression rate and works
with a multitude of archive formats. The app integrates into the Windows Explorer
easily, it is also available in versions for command prompt and as a plugin for FAR Manager
that allows dealing with archives without involving a standalone utility. Junk cleaner
After browsing the web, installing or uninstalling applications, more and more files which are
no longer needed will accumulate on your computer. Pretty soon, you will need a special utility
to clean these files, also known as junk. CCleaner is right there to help you. It can boost your computer’s performance considerably
by removing unneeded and damaged files. While surfing the web or installing programs,
there is no way for you to make sure that unnecessary files or other stuff slowing down
your computer is removed, but with CCleaner, polishing Windows registry and deleting junk
files is only a few clicks away. It works pretty fast and the interface is
quite comprehensible, so you mustn’t face any difficulties in using it. Visit out channel for a detailed video on
how to get rid of junk files – I’ll leave the link in the description. Cloud storage by Google Drive
Many users no longer keep important data on local hard disks but upload it to cloud storage
services. The advantage is clear – you can access your
data from any device connected to the Internet. By now, Google Drive is one of the most popular
online services for storing, exchanging and securing your data. It lets you sync files between a computer
and mobile devices from a single account. With Google Drive, you can upload any information
to the cloud for personal use or for sharing a file with other people. Every user receives a free storage space of
15 GB. Google Photos – another service, specifically
meant to store, edit and share photos and videos. When you install and configure this app, photos
and videos will be uploaded automatically to the cloud storage, get arranged by type
and available for search right after uploading. You’ll be able to quickly share them with
whoever you wish and never worry that your device may run out of free space. Video players and codecs
If you often watch videos on your computer, you must know that Windows features an integrated
tool for this purpose – Windows Media Player. It can play most basic formats, but some of
them are out of its reach. In this case, install an alternative player,
such as VLC, or use an extra codec package. VLC is a free open-source cross-platform medial
player, which can handle numerous multimedia file formats and network streams in a variety
of protocols. This player recognizes most codecs without
additional packages to be installed. However, if you need a codec package, choose
K-Lite Codec Pack. This is a versatile selection of codecs and
utilities to play and process audio and video files, and most of the package consists of
free tools. It was developed specifically as a solution
that’s both easy to install and use even for absolute beginners. With K-Lite Codec Pack, you’ll be able to
play all popular audio and video formats, and most of specialized formats as well. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber for messaging
If you are accustomed to using messengers on your phone, and you need something similar
on PC, here’s the list to choose from. WhatsApp — a popular free app for instant
text messaging that works fine on mobile and other devices and supports both voice and
video calls. With WhatsApp you can send text messages,
images, videos and audio files. For Windows, this client is also available
as a web application. Facebook Messenger is the application to exchange
instant messages and videos, and it’s integrated with the Messenger feature in the Facebook
main website. Viber for PC – this application for computers
offers seamless synchronization with the same app you have on your smartphone, and it makes
reading and sending messages from PC surprisingly easy. To activate Viber for PC, you need to have
a valid Viber account on your smartphone. MusicBee and aimp for music
If you are one of the people who still listen to music downloaded to the hard disk, a good
music player is definitely what you need. MusicBee is a free and full-fledged music
player with a wide range of features. It packs in numerous playlist options, a powerful
tag editor, an integrated audio converter and CD ripper, supports podcasts and audiobooks,
and automatically downloads various media data (album covers, lyrics, artist information)
from the Internet. Aimp – a multifunctional audio solution. With all the integrated utilities, you can
easily convert music from one format into another, record sound from a microphone or
another sound device, edit tags for MP3, OGG, WMA files, and rename groups of files or sort
them by a number of criteria. This program is based on feedback from users
of other players, so it clearly combines only the best features from many similar products. The player also includes an 18-band equalizer
to help you achieve the best sound quality. Paint.NET editor for images
Another app you may look for is a graphics editor. This is a must-have tool for photographers
and designers, but ordinary users may sometimes need it too. While professionals tend to use Photoshop
and similar heavyweight tools, Paint.NET is more than enough for anyone who only deals
with pictures occasionally. This lightweight and minimalistic editor will
come in handy every time you need to crop an image, modify its size, adjust colors or
add some marks. Paint.NET is distinguished for its smart interface
and a wider range of functions if compared to the Windows-integrated MS Paint editor. With the functionality to match Adobe PhotoShop,
Paint.NET is a perfect free alternative to expensive commercial solutions, all of its
functions being available on tablet PCs as well. GIMP – a flexible, powerful, versatile and
– that’s important – a free graphics editor which is almost as good as the famous Photoshop. It’s a perfect choice for drawing, web design
and graphical design. The choice of visual effects, tools and features
is very similar to those offered by Adobe product. GIMP is an excellent tool for dealing with
bitmap graphics, and it’s known for convenience, simplicity and extensibility. Text editor – Notepad++
If you often use Notepad, here’s a good alternative – Notepad++ which adds more useful
functions. This text editor is designed for programmers
and all those dissatisfied with the limited functionality of the Windows-integrated app. Key features of the program include:
Text highlighting and text operations as required by syntax of the selected programming language,
Support for a wide range of languages, and the ability to create and run macros. Office software package – LibreOffice. If you are looking for a free alternative
to MS Office, try LibreOffice instead. LibreOffice is an open-source office package
which is a fork from OpenOffice.org project and claims to be a free alternative to the
commercial Microsoft Office package. This free solution includes a text editor
– Writer, Calc for spreadsheets, Impress for presentations, Draw for diagrams and flowcharts,
an equation editor – Math, and a database manager with the unsurprising name “Base.” In addition, LibreOffice packs in special
tools to import SVG graphics and files created in Microsoft Works and Lotus Word Pro. Also, this package includes many extensions
such as PDF import, presentation console and more. Mail client – Thunderbird. If you need to work with emails, then you
just NEED a mail client. Mozilla Thunderbird is a quite powerful and
free mail client to make your work with emails as effective as possible. Using Thunderbird, you’ll get:
– high-level safety; in Windows, this program doesn’t use the Internet Explorer engine
to display emails in the HTML format, and it means it is secured against all conventional
vulnerabilities; however, no security can prevent you from the unwise decision to open
an attachment you received from an unknown person. – perfect HTML support; in addition to displaying
HTML properly, the client includes an excellent HTML editor, with the concise code, smart
interface making things easy for absolute beginners, an adjustable toolbar, laconic
menus and much more. Thunderbird offers automatic ad filtering,
and it can only download headings, while advertising emails can be removed manually from the server,
and it supports RSS news feed. As it’s an actively developing application,
new versions are rolled out regularly, with bug fixes and new features added. Manage keyboard layouts with Punto Switcher. Another utility on the list is Punto Switcher. It’s a useful free tool that will come in
handy for anyone who has to do much typing. Originally, it was designed as an automatic
keyboard language switcher for people who are no experts in blind typing. For today, Punto Switcher packs in lots of
extra features – transliteration support, remembering all symbols you have used, converting
digits to text, adding patterns, and integration with such popular services as Twitter and
Wikipedia. The built-in thesaurus contains over a million
words. Capture screenshots and share them online
with Joxi Another tool in today’s review lets you
capture and share screenshots. Joxi – a convenient utility to exchange files
and screenshots over the Internet, which doesn’t need any extra tools like a graphics editor,
archiver or hosting program. Use it to capture a screenshot, do some editing
and publish the file in a single click. A brief overview of its key features:
High performance – all stages of work are optimized to the max. Hotkey support. Use an option to create a personal account
and store files on the server. Access uploaded files from any computer or
mobile device, view upload history and enjoy unlimited storage time. Any file uploaded to Joxi can be sent to your
blog or posted in a social network. Another option for users is to leave comments
from their social media accounts, blogs or mail services under the content they have
uploaded. Send files to your phone with Wifi – Portal. And if you need to quickly transfer a file
from the computer to the smartphone by Wi-Fi, there’s also a good tool for that purpose
– Portal. All you need is to install it on your phone
and open it. Then open any browser on your computer and
go to the website of this utility. Now use your phone to scan the QR code from
the website. Finally, drag the files you need to send to
your phone into this window. When they are uploaded, you will see them
in Portal’s window on your phone. Remote Desktop Connection with TeamViewer. Here comes the utility to help you establish
a remote desktop connection. TeamViewer is a convenient tool for accessing
computers remotely with bypassing firewalls, blocked ports and NAT routing for local IP
addresses. Besides, you can use it to show your desktop
to other users, run presentations and transfer files. TeamViewer makes use of protected data transfer
channels featuring key exchange and AES (256-bit) encryption for every session. Main features:
Remote administration for servers and computers managed by other users;
File exchange; Protected data transfer channels with key
exchange and AES (256-bit) encryption; Convenient active user list with connection
options; The program can work on a local computer without
installation; and communicate with a remote computer through
the browser; Optimized image quality and speed of data
transfer. Automatic installation and updates for your
software Finally, a wonderful web service Ninite, which
can help you install several programs from today’s list in a few clicks. In the website, check the apps you want to
install and click “Get Your Ninite.” After that, an installer will be downloaded
to install automatically the latest versions of the programs you have selected. Of course, this list cannot include all and
every free product which is worth your attention. If you feel you can add a few more apps, you’re
welcome to post a comment under the video. That’s all for now! I hope this video was useful, and you noted
a couple of worthy apps to use in the nearest future. Remember to click the Like button and subscribe
to our channel. Push the bell button to receive notifications
and never miss new videos. Leave comments to ask questions and share
your opinion. Thank you for watching. Good luck.

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