💰Instagram Story Ads In 2019 | From Instagram Ads Beginner to EXPERT in One Video
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💰Instagram Story Ads In 2019 | From Instagram Ads Beginner to EXPERT in One Video

100 thoughts on “💰Instagram Story Ads In 2019 | From Instagram Ads Beginner to EXPERT in One Video

  1. Hey man! Awsome tutorial. A small question for you. Can i have multiple instagram accounts connected to multiple pages on the same fb business account (ad account)for running ads on them?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. yo man thank you sm! I wanna guve u a hug lmao! if u down to collab lmk man would love to! Just uploaded my ad now!

  3. Thanks for the video! I'm getting the following error that I can't seem to correct: "The URL you entered, "Default Link" doesn't direct to a website. Please enter a valid URL and try again. Any idea where that field is? The "Fix Error" command doesn't work. Thanks!

  4. ive never known 'Traffic' to work. Makes me question your skills. and why would you build an ad for a local restaurant when majority of your viewers are dropshipping? just a brutally long video (clearly for seo purpose). Thanks anyway

  5. Hey mate! Great introduction to Instagram stories advertisement. I would like to learn more, pls share a link 😍

  6. NEW SUBBIE HERE 👋🏽 I loved this video! I’m looking to test IG story ads this year and your video gave me the basic tips to get started! I’m interested in getting that mini-course sooooo “Instagram Story Ads” 💁🏽‍♀️

  7. so how do i get onto that page i the first place to create the story ad? I'm looking around facebook and it just takes me to different pages..

  8. Hi love your video I advertise on Instagram directly. However my question is not related to the Instagram story ads. My question is related to Instagram targeting for your ads. I have been advertising with Instagram for over a year and it is stated that USA takes up over 80% of the audience on Instagram, China and India maybe somewhat around 13%, however if I do not include China or India in my targeted audience I do not get the same level of views for my ad, for example I placed an ad between the demographic of 14 to 45, included countries like USA Canada Europe China and India, butts over 80% of my likes and comments would be from people in China and India, how is that percentage even possible if they only take up about 13% of the Instagram audience of a whole. This happens ever time and no one has asked the question why or have done a video in relation to it. I'm beginning to feel like I am the only one affected by this or the only one who notices this. Nothing against the Chinese or Indian markets but I would expect more exposure from my market that I reside in which is the USA Market. I've even experimented with an ad where I would only use the USA, and 90% of those ads ended before the time period that the ad was supposed to expire, and the reason behind it was stated that the audience size was too small. and then I redid the same ad and only and this time I only included India and all of those ads would go through and end at the times that they should and I would get way more views than when placed that same ad in the US alone. How is that possible if USA takes up over 80% of the Instagram Market. If you could respond and help me with this issue it will be most appreciated.

  9. Bruh, my Ig says your video your video is still being processed that's why I cant create my promotion need help asap

  10. hey jason, thanks for the video! when you're putting the budget where does it actually ask you for your card/paypal details? i dont get it

  11. there is gotta be better methods all of his marketing methods is wasting money. Ive seen social media marketing videos of other people and they do it without wasting any money

  12. A note that you don’t want to exclude real estate broker interests, you exclude real estate broker as a job title. By excluding the interest you’ve just lost half your audience

  13. Why is there no volume when I try to promote on instagram stories??? Even when I turn the voice up on previews.

  14. After doing all this, for example , I want it to start next week, do I have to click publish again next week?

  15. Loved this one too, Jason. Love your no nonsense tutorials. Will start running Insta stories ads for @Eccentrips which I am trying to build into a cycling tours company here in India. Do let me know if you have any suggestions. Cheers, and continue the good work!

  16. Incredible tips. You, my friend, are fantastic at teaching the art of paid social. Subscribed, liked, and will tell other fellow students in my digital strategy class at Uni to look your videos up.

  17. For the “custom dimensions” on Canva for insta stories you want to go with 1080×1920 and not 900×1600. That’s the highest resolution Instagram will show so you want to take advantage of all the pixels they give you.

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