[ हिन्दी ] How to find Facebook Draft folder in Android ?
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[ हिन्दी ] How to find Facebook Draft folder in Android ?

See, in today’s video, I am going to tell you about Facebook’s draft folder Because a lot of people have problems That they save any post in draft But they don’t get that post back later So its the solution I will tell you today in this video Many people do not know what a draft is, so I First let me tell you that if we write something and while writing We thought that would not post it yet Will post later sometime when we get time or else When its right time comes, we will now press the back button As soon as we press back button, a pop up window opens in front of us. Which states that “Save Post as Draft” So we have saved it in the draft folder Now we have a notification that you have saved something In the draft folder but we don’t need it yet If we want to find it later that where is the draft folder ? So if you google for this, you will know that If you are If you use the desktop version, if you use Facebook on your computer Then you will definitely find that folder because there you show If you go to your public folder, you will find the draft folder there. But this is not so easy in the Android app I also did google, I searched a lot in it So i don’t get any solution There are no such functions in this app. There are no features or buttons where I haven’t seen that How to find the draft folder So this is a trick that I came to know on my own when I was doing something When I saved the second post, at the same time I came to know that how can we find the draft folder? This is a trick, so if you have to find back, then you have to write something else also means you post something here. Write some rendom text and press back button, as soon as you back Then you will get the folder “Save as Draft” here As soon as you tap on it, a notification will come in front of you. So as soon as you touch this notification, a post will open in front of you. You will come back to the same post So after this, if you press back button, you will have a folder open in front of you, its draft folder. You keep pressing back button So now as soon as you press the back button So now I have found the draft folder Here you will find many posts which Which you can publish. It is unpublished and it will expire in three days so Whatever you save in the draft folder, keep in mind that it will be auto metically deleted within three days. So here you can open any post So the posts will be open, you can post it by editing it back. And can also be discarded So this way you can find. I did not know its official way. So if anyone knows How you can find official way in this application So please write in the comment box of this video I will definitely make a video in the time ahead Right now I do not know anything about it, so I have told you this trick in a way So that’s all in this video right now. And how did you like this video You can tell me by writing in the comment box And if you like this video, then do like it You have seen here, so you can give a thumbsup, because you like this video That’s why you have seen the entire video. And if you want to see similar videos And you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel And if you are watching this video on my Facebook page then you can also like my Facebook page So thanks for watching this video Jai Hind, Vande Mataram

52 thoughts on “[ हिन्दी ] How to find Facebook Draft folder in Android ?

  1. अपने जो जो किया था कि कैसे कैसे सारा फोल्डर देखें, गूगल में भी देखे पर कही नही मिला इससे एक वास्तविकता पता चलता तथा एक देखने वाले के प्रति एक connectivity भी बन पाता है।
    इसी तरह करते है।😊👌

  2. Thanks bro…I write many more in 9 pm for my girlfriend to save as a draft for more 3 hours but I could not get it back ….but bro after watching your video I am totally thanka ful for your job bro

  3. Thank you so much brother…. I had written quite a long a post and saved it as a draft and when I wanted to publish it I wasn't able to find out where it was.

    Thank you so much.

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