सुरक्षा सामाजिक संजालमा | How to be safe in Social Network [Nepali]
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सुरक्षा सामाजिक संजालमा | How to be safe in Social Network [Nepali]

Namaskar! Today, In this video we’ll talking about tips and tricks on how to stay safe in Social Network / Media Amy Jo Martin says Social Media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo or update your status you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand. Today in this video, we’ll be talking about 10 tips to stay safe in Social Network. We think, Social Security is right of every Nepalese citizen. And no one should be deprived of these rights. What is Social Network? websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking these are called social networks or medias For examples, we have Facebook, Twitter, Sagoon Sagoon, is a Social Media Platform created by Nepalese Disadvantage of Social Network / Media are Loss of Productivity, Problems in Relationship Identity theft, Malware and Viruses Social Crime , and addiction toward use of Social Network / Media Looking at Statistics of Facebook In Nepal there are 8,206,000 Facebook Users In which 5,305,000 are male Facebook Users 2,952,000 are Female Facebook users Tips no. 1 Use strong Password Long passwords are thought to be stronger than short passwords Similarly, using combination of 2 or more words in one password makes it stronger Also, using wildcard character like @, !, # in between passwords makes it more stronger. For examples, I have 3 passwords on screen, In which I have used yet another technique for making it more stronger i.e. I have used Nepali words and spelled them in English to create a password In which I have re-written ‘a’ as ‘@’ and ‘e’ as ‘3’ Similarly, I have another combination of words ‘RataMakai’ In which again ‘a’ is replaced by ‘@’ ‘i’ is replaced by exclamation sign ‘!’ and added a three digit number 601 at end Again I have another password in which I have made a combination of 4 Nepali words to create a password ‘[email protected]!Baalh0Ra’ In which I have again used @, ! and number in this password I replaced o by 0 (zero) Similarly, using combination of Capital Letters and Small letters makes password more safe and stronger In tips no. 2 We suggest to use different password in your separate Social Media Accounts. Doing this, even if one of your account is hacked hacker will not be able to hack into your second account using the same password. This will protect your other Social Media accounts. Remember that Internet is forever. Post you share now on Social Media And photos you share are never going to be removed Even if you delete your Social Media Account Someone might have already made a copy of your post and photos That’s why you need to think before sharing something publicly on internet and social media. This will also help you stay safe in social media. Our Tips number 4 is Two Factor Authentication (TFA) TFA will ask for second step authentication even after logging in with password. As an eg. TFA will send code to a phone associated with your social media account Or uses Authenticator Apps to generate codes, and will only allow to login into the account after entering these codes. By using TFA, even if someone gets your password they will still not get the code because of this you’ll be safe. Similarly in tips no. 5, we have Use passwords and pins in Phones in which your Social Media is logged in. If you fail to password protect you social media enabled phones access to your account will be open to anyone who gets your phone in hand And they can misuse this access to post anything from your account. And they will also have access to your personal information Therefore , it is must that you password protect your mobile phones. In tips number 6, we have Be selective when accepting Friend Requests. If there is someone in your friend list who is unknown to you then never accept those friend request because some one might be using that account to watch your personal information and keep track of you Similarly, if you have a friend request from a double account of your friend This might be a work of some hacker in this case ask your friend and take actions accordingly. In tips no. 7 This is one of the must followed tips for everyone Be aware during clicking any types of links in Timeline and Messenger In recent news, we have heard many social media accounts are hacked If any information, links or language are alerting Then you should never react or click such links Clicking these links might redirect you to infected websites Because of which you’ll again share similar links among your friends or you may share other spam news and information. In tips no. 8, Be known to Privacy Policies and settings of social medias Get to know about privacy policies and privacy settings of the social media platform you use Also learn what’s on your control and maintain your privacy settings accordingly. Doing this force others to get your permission before tagging you on their status and photos in social media In tips no. 9, Be-aware of browser Add-ons While surfing through different websites on internet you’ll have to be aware about spam add-ons that tries to lure you to install it on your browser And you should never install such add-ons. Usually these add-ons are found in Mini Game, Torrent Websites and fake sites. These spam add-ons will stay on your browsers and will open links that you didn’t open, or wanted to open and will also do other sorts of things with out your concern and approval In tips no. 10 Remember to Log out from your Social Media accounts after you are done using it If you forget to log out from your Social Media account Next person who uses your device can enter into your social media account and can misuse your account We also have a bonus tips for you Search yourself in social media See what you have posted about yourself or what other people are share about you What do you think about this video? If you think everyone should be safe in Social media then help us in this mission of awareness with Like and Sharing this video And to watch more in future you can subscribe our channel. Thank you alot.

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