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Лекции для Домохозяек. Фильм. StarMedia. Фильмы о Любви. Мелодрама

Domashniy TV Channel Star Media presents LECTURES FOR HOUSEWIVES Katya, get up, it’s time! Kirill Rubtsov Have I slept over? No. We won’t let you
sleep over. Such an event! Moreover a free one!
Sport is a great thing! Olga Grishina Natalie Dufrais Let’s sit down for you
to have a safe trip! All right. The sandwiches are on
top of the suitcase. Eat them as soon as you’re there. No, don’t mumble. Eat them at once otherwise they’ll get
spoilt. Now come on. Boris Khvoshnyanskiy Kirill Kyaro Don’t let us down! Created by Yelena Rayskaya Directed by Oleg Turanskiy What has happened? Director of Photography
– Vasya Sikachinskiy Nothing, nothing, Go back to sleep. Where is Katya going? She is going where they won’t let
you go. Go to sleep. That’s it! Where is Katya going? Stop asking too many questions! Music by Vladimir Kripak
and Inna Shevchenko Explain that to me. A person
is doing the same thing over and over again. Every single… One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine… Who is absent? Semenova!
Where is Semenova? Semenova, why are you
being late? Line up! Where have you been? Girls, listen to me attentively.
I’d like to introduce Petr Petrovitch to you. Petr Petrovitch… Produced by Larisa Zhuravskaya Hello. Petr Petrovitch will
accompany us during our rest in the international sports camp. General Producers – Natalia
Bilan and Vlad Ryashin Petr Petroitch and I are sure that each of you will
live up to the high title of a Soviet sportsman!
Let’s go to the wagons now. Comrade Koroleva, may I? Thank you very much. Come on. Stop. Why is he accompanying us? Things happen. What if we
do or say something wrong? Hello. Hello. There are ten of the girls… Like what? I don’t know. What if
some spy seduces you? You may tell him all secrets in bed. Are you out of your mind? Let’s go! What is going
on? Faster, faster! This is our compartment, the fifth. Is everything all right, girls? Yes! Are you fine? Everything is good! Good girls! Are you all right? Sure! Girls, be attentive. Nobody
shall ever leave the wagon. I hope all of you remember about that. Yes! As agreed… Take your bed linens! This is all. I’ll drop in to you later. Petr Petrovitch! Of course! He is waiting for us.
Here he is! Kostya! Natalie. Hello. I’m Konstantin. My friend. Kostya. Nice to meet you. I’m
Natalie. I read your work. It’s very good for a student’s diploma. It’s a miracle that we got hold of it! It is a miracle indeed. When Arthur handed my manuscript
over to that German journalist I thought that he wouldn’t busy
himself with resending it to Paris. Paris, do you get it? He loves Paris. Sometimes people help each
other just for the sake of it. Like you? Yes. I’ll do it with pleasure. She fell for you at once. What is he saying? He is saying that
it’s time for us to go! Yes, to the hall. They
are waiting for us. This is a palace. A
palace! Do you understand? Sign here, please. Here. Now here. My congratulations! Thank you. Look, look! The wedding! Not for you! The
flowers are for Natalie! Thank you. What do you need this
sad handsome man for? He’ll spoil everybody’s mood in France! Your country needs artists
and not philosophers! I don’t understand what he is saying. But he seems to be a very funny person. Is she confessing her love to me? No. She is saying that you’re a clown. I hope everything will go
in accordance with our plan. I’ll do everything so that your papers were performed as soon as possible. What? She says that they won’t let
me leave the country at once. Oh, stop it! He is not
a nuclear physicist! He is just a philosopher!
Nobody needs them here! Your arrival will be a great
honor for our University! We’re looking forward to seeing you! Thank you! Thank you, Arthur! Good bye. Good bye! See you seen. Hi. Hi. It seems to me that we
shall get drunk immediately. Yes. It is the only way
to get through a wedding. Let’s go. I hope drinks won’t be fictive. No, they won’t. Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her! Girls, get out, move it! Come on! Come in, girls, be quick! Make
yourselves at home. Faster! Be careful, girls! Watch
your feet. Is everybody here? And now attention!
Listen to me attentively! I’ll remind you the rules! You
shall not go anywhere alone. Sit all together on the
beach. After the lights-out…. Don’t nod, listen attentively!
After the lights-out don’t leave the room. Is
that clear to everybody? Yes. And one more thing –
no foreign admirers! Why are you laughing? If I
see it you’ll go home at once! And one more thing… no alcohol! Petr Petrovitch! They are not drinking, are
they? This is good. Very good. This is it, Kostya! Who is on the portrait? This? It was a unique case.
He was killed like a dog. No, this is for the rainy day. What do you mean? He jumped out of his lover’s
window and ran in the garden. And that woman… here she is, by the way… started shouting at her
husband who just came back. She said that stray dogs
were running in their garden. She didn’t know that he husband
would take out his riddle. How funny! Why did you painted it here? The inconsolable client asked
so. It’s profitable for me. Double portrait costs double price. And the client comes more often. I see. I console her. Wait. Isn’t she inconsolable? In general she is. But there
are some individual matters… I see. Hold it. For individual matters! Come in. Are you crazy, Arthur? Have a bite. And now let’s turn to lyrics! The bourgeois can’t
offer anything in return. It has no measures that it used to hold the peoples captive before.
It has neither philosophy, nor religion to justify its crimes… I always stumble in
this place. What is next? Freud is next. Damn it! Freud, of course! In his work “Lectures for
Housewives” that so called scientist… Why is he “so called”? Is that wrong? Wait. “The so called’… Everything
is fine. Don’t pull my leg. Dad… Wait, let me finish. If you forget something you can
always look it up in the book. A professor should look
his students in the eye! I’ll answer. Hello? 344512? Yes. Paris is calling. I’ll connect you. Hello? Kostya, hello. This is Natalie. Hello. Did you get a call from the embassy? No. It’s weird. They told me
that your papers are ready. So soon? Yes. You may leave as soon as possible. Are you ready? Yes. I may leave the day after tomorrow. Brilliant! I’ll book you a
ticket, then. Is that all right? Thank you, Natalie. See you! Freud draws no line between
the relations of dominance that are based on… Hello to the Participants
of the Competition! The backs! Girls, I can see everything! Hold your knees right, hold
your backs right. Bend now. Bend some more! Stretch
yourselves! Hands up! Stretch some more! Bend! We’re like fools. We’re like good beautiful girls. That KGB employee can’t
take his eyes off us. Yes. He is pretending to be reading. I can feel that the rest will be great! Well? I got a permission to leave the country. You’re leaving, then. Damn it! Damn that German journalist! What did I give him
your manuscripts for? I was secretly hoping
that it’ll work out somehow and you won’t leave… I’ll paint your portrait. It’s all right. I’m still alive. It doesn’t matter.
We’ll all die one day. But I’ll have it here and
it’ll remind me about you. It’s logical. You’ll lose now. We’ll see. Oh, my God! I got so scared! Yes. I have this card too. Oh, Lord, what handsome guys! Hello. Hello! One second. I’ll be back in a moment. Hi, girls! Do you speak English? Yes. Yes, they do. Where are you from? Where are you from? Sarajevo. Yugoslavia… I see. Yes. I see. I’m sorry but we’re discussing political situation in
the USA at the moment. Are you serious? Bye! Bye! Bye! Girls, I hope everything
will be all right, won’t it? Very good. Very good. I’m running! Did you peep? Of course I didn’t! I’m joking! That guy died like a
genius, my dear friends! How did it happen? He was reading a book of
one Austrian psychopath… A psychiatrist. What difference does it make? A big one. He was reading it day
after day, year after year. And then the trouble happened. What trouble? The book came to an end. Don’t move! Raise your chin higher! Like
this. Natalie will meet you at the airport tomorrow.
She’ll show you Paris. You’ll go to some caf?… Yes. The meeting will culminate in bed… With Natalie? Sure. I don’t think so. You should! I wouldn’t refuse
that. I love ugly girls. You can’t imagine
how… diligent they are! I think it’s time for cooling-down. Let’s rent a boat! If it’s your treat! Let it be the treat
of the last one to go! What? Where are you going? Stop! Stop, I tell you! It’s so boring here, girls! Here? Can we have a swim? Petr Petrovitch? Yes. You may! What guys were there in the boats? They were from Yugoslavia. I don’t know, of course… but may be you shouldn’t
have driven them away. They are our Socialistic
brothers, after all. They might be our brothers.
But when you go there you get prepared like for
a Capitalistic country. Really? Yes. Why? They must be THAT kind of brothers. The cousins. Yes. You’re clever, Veronika Sergeyevna. This is important. Very important. Where are you going?
Get back! Get back now! Katya! Katya! What’s wrong? Katya! Katya! Who is jumping under the wheels? Katya! Stop joking! Look, where is the second girl? Hat second girl? Has she drowned or what? Katya, where are you? Come in, come on! Why did you go into the
water? You can’t swim! Stop it! She is the master
of sports in swimming! Hey, master of sports, how are you? Look, Katya, what has happened? I just got scared. I don’t understand. What
did scare you? Water? I just realized that I’d drown. Shall we give you a lift? No, no, we’re fine. Thank you. Thank you. We have a disco in our
camp tonight. Do come! Go to Paris, and I’ll go to the disco! It’s unbelievable! You’re mad! You’re ready to betray
everybody for another madman! What did you graduate
from the University for? Did the country pay for
you to become a traitor? I’m not a traitor! It’s not my fault that Freud’s
works are prohibited in our state. If they are prohibited it means that there is something wrong with him! Our government are no fools! They don’t prohibit everything, do they? They don’t prohibit you from
living, loving, breathing! Marry, have a child and go to work! At the “Knowledge” society? I’ve worked there all
my life, by the way! I won’t be able to do it. If you leave I’ll curse you. If I stay I’ll curse this life.
I’ll die before dying, dad. Is that what you want? Farewell, then. I’m only leaving tomorrow. I’m leaving now. I have lectures in the district.
People are waiting for me. How is our drowned girl
doing? Is she alive? I think she fell for your friend!
It was love from first sight! She almost drowned because of him. Really? Arthur? Hi. Hi. May I spend a night at your place? What? Give me the key, please! Here you go! Katya is still shaken. Koroleva thinks that she’ll
be afraid of water now. Visit her! She is in the fourth
building from the entrance. Good bye. Bye. It’s hopeless. Why? Isn’t he free? He is freer than all of us,
dear. He’ll soon be in Paris. Really? How cool! Do you want to go to
Paris too? It’s very easy. Let’s find you a fianc?, and you’ll go! I see. What if I don’t like him? What do you mean? Do you like
a train? Do you like a bus? But you take them when
you need to go somewhere. Hi. Everybody is at the disco. May I come in? You may. How are you? May I? I wanted to ask you … You said that you got
scared in the water. Why? I don’t know. I just got scared. Nothing happens for no reason. Why? It happens. No. There are no accidents. People consider them accidents
because of their ignorance… or because they are too lazy
to think it over once more. Shall we have a walk? Koroleva
may come and find us here. All right. I have to get dressed. Get dressed. Go out, please. I won’t look at you. Get dressed. You said that you realized
that you had to drown. It seemed to me so. What did you mean “you had to
drown”? Did you want to die? No. What would I want to die? You must have some insoluble problems. Or maybe they just
seem insoluble to you. I have no problems. I’m ready. When will it end? Soon, Petr Petrovitch. I hate it when I have
to work with the youth. Yes, it’s terrible. Symposiums are an
entirely different matter. Right. Or take some symphony orchestra. They are adult people. They
are sitting and rehearsing. Right. Here you go. I’m not hungry. Try it! What is it? The honey carp. What? Carp in honey. Be careful. I never tried it. Try it. It’s tasty. May I have some more? Yes. This is the arrow-wood liquor. It’s my first time. What do you mean? Everything. The arrow-wood
liquor. I am away from home. Do you have somebody? Yes. No. Do you mean a boyfriend? Yes. Did you have one? Didn’t you like anybody? Why? I liked some boys. It’s just that I’m too
young to get married. You don’t have to get married. You can just have a close friend. No, I can’t. Why is that? It’s because it’s inappropriate. Who said so? Nobody did but I… I don’t
want to talk about it. People don’t talk about such things. People talk about everything.
What does that matter? This is dirty and
inappropriate. I’ll go, OK? Who said that it was dirty? Nobody said that. Stop! We were just
talking! Wait! Katya, wait! Let go of me! What do you want? Nothing. I’ll just see you off. I wish my mother heard us now! It was she who said
that you shouldn’t talk about such things, wasn’t it? Look, have you ever wanted
to have a close friend? Yes. Why are you still alone? I’m afraid. Of whom? Of mum and dad. Is that the reason why you want to die? I want to dance! You’re incredible! Nobody needs me. I’m alone.
They don’t care about me. Nobody wants to know why I feel so bad. You’re incredible. Katya,
I’m happy that we met today. I’ll be writing to you. Answer me! It is very important, do you understand? I understand. Are you crying? No, no! It happens. People are
afraid of their thoughts. When you learn how to be
sincere without yourself you’ll overcome any of your fears. We’re at place. Yes. Look, put your address down for me. Here, on the cover. I’ll
write mine in my letter. I haven’t tried the honey carp. You’ll try it later. This is it. Here you go. Hold it. Thanks. Good luck! Kostya, wait! Kiss me, please! No. Kiss me for real. Katya! Did you see? A star has fallen. I’ll be waiting for your letters. I’ll write you for sure. Katya… What? God… Katya! Katya! What? What? Petr Petrovitch, don’t
worry! Katya, Katya! Wait, Katya! You were going to spend the night here. I’ll take the night bus to the airport. How? What shall I wait here for? I’m leaving tomorrow anyway. Take this. All right. Good bye. I can’t understand what
is going on in your head. Kostya, kiss the
Eiffel Tower on arrival. All right. No, I’m serious. Go and kiss it. Where? In the leg. It’s a deal. Wait. Ask me what leg.
Kiss the southern leg. The southern one, did you get it? I will do it. Swear! I swear. The book! Haven’t you left? Where is the book? What book? The book! My book! Freud! Freud? Yes, Freud! Where is my book? Kostya forgot his Freud. You’re sitting like a genius. Where is he? Kostya left. Sit like you’re sitting. Don’t move. Like this. Damn it! You’re beautiful, by the
way. Do you know about that? When will he come back? When will he come back? When will be come
back? If he comes back… Did he leave for long? He is leaving gradually.
Further and further… Look, can you talk like a
normal person? Where is he? I’m talking. You can’t find him, do you understand? Why? Because he… because he…
because… he has a wife in Paris and he left for good.
Where are you going? Where did you spend the night? We have been looking for you everywhere. Do you have anything in your head? The foreigners are around! I’m sorry. It will never happen again. Sorry? Petr Petrovitch wanted
to call where he should call! He changed his mind
then, took mercy on you! Why are you keeping silence? Katya? Katya… What you saw was… It’s
not what you thought. You got it all wrong. You see, I’m trying to
neutralize him somehow. I want to give us the
possibility to breathe. Do you realize how hard it
is for me? I’m so nervous! A new one each time! We get
a new accompanying person every single time! Katya! Katya… you’re like a daughter for me. What is it? What is it? His book. Whose book is it? Kostya’s. He forgot it. You spent the night
with him, didn’t you? What were you doing? I asked
you – what were you doing? A whore! How did you get to know about that? I don’t know anything.
This is what he said. I think they have an organization. If somebody wants to leave
for a Capitalistic country they marry him or her with a foreigner. Hello, Veronika Sergeyvna. Hello, Vika. Go on. He offered me the same. But I refused. Not because I don’t have the money. But because I love my Motherland. This is very good. That admirer whom Katya fell for married a French to leave for Paris! But he slept with Katya before that! He might have recruited her too! Did you hear that? Hi, girls! Girls… Comrade Molchanov? Yes. Please get in the car. One second. Comrade Molchanov, we have little time. Into the car! It’s Cuban! Hello? 344512? Yes. Paris is on the line.
I’m connecting you. Hello, dad. Hi. How are
you? I’m already in Paris. They met me well. We
rented a great apartment. Can you imagine – they offered
me to start reading lectures in the University tomorrow!
It’s all different here. But I hope that I’ll
manage it. No, I’m sure. I didn’t study French in
vain. How are you, dad? Dad? Comrade Voropayev? Yes. Follow us. I understand that you
don’t want to talk to me but I couldn’t have acted otherwise. I hope that someday you’ll
understand me, dad. Bye. Did you manage to talk? Yes, everything is fine. Shall we talk in Russian? I’m all for it. You know, it’s very important
when people understand you. Like you, my marriage was fictive. One French girl helped me
leave Communistic Poland. I was just grateful to her then. I’m very grateful to Natalie too. Don’t hurry. When we first
looked at each other we knew that. But I didn’t think that I’d
live thirty years with her and that she would give me Natalie. I didn’t know about that then. Nobody knows about such things. God knows. Happiness is
possible if you wish for it. Is that a toast? Let it be a toast! What are you drinking for, dad? The newlyweds’ dance! I won’t be in the way. I can’t dance. Count on me. You never danced before, did you? No… once. St.-Jermaine Avenue, please. Where is the southern leg? You’re tired, aren’t you? A bit. May I borrow your bathing robe? What for? I want to take a shower. Here? We have great relations.
Shall we spoil them? We shall. Natalie… never try to
manipulate me! It’s useless! We have to be at the
faculty at 8 a.m. tomorrow! Watch your feet. Good bye.
The training is tomorrow at 9. Good bye. They are coming. Where is our daughter? Good bye. Get down. Beauty! Katya! Katya, what’s happened? What’s the matter? I’ll tell you what has
happened. Let’s go. Stay here. Sit on a warm cloth. Eat. What is it? The fish. A carp? What carp? Honey carp. Did he treat you with carp?
I ask you – did that brat treat you with honey
carp? That scum… Sit down! Eat your fish yourself! Lyuba! Don’t you even dare! Freud believed that psychological
and sexual development of children depended of their
parents’ treatment of them. Natalie… Psychological traumas of the
child… the traumas of the child… …are the consequences…
are the consequences… Thanks! Are the consequences of
his conflicts with his parents. Why did you come so late,
mother? You’re very late. Complications might arise now. What shall we do, doctor? Who knew? Everybody knows when doing it. You see, it was her first time… Everybody has her first time. Don’t worry. We’ll pay you. Of course you will! And do it right now. You know that I’m risking. I understand. Here you go. What are you waiting for? Sit down. Daughter? Give me your bag. Go, go, daughter! What’s the matter? Are you afraid? I don’t want to do it. Don’t be afraid. What are you doing? You shall show her to
a psychiatrist first! Don’t come back home. A whore! What book did you want to
borrow from me, mademoiselle? A book? In truth I want you, professor! This is impossible. Why? Because you’re calling me “professor”. I’ll never come to your seminar again! Lyuba! What? Sit down. Don’t walk around. How can you be so
calm? Prepare the money. Here they are! Wait! The flowers! Thank you very much! Congratulations! Thank you! Congratulations! Come for more! She looks like you. She looks like her father. Shall we go home? We have a different home now. But… Why are you standing? Go!
Go! Say something to her! What can I say to her? Katya! Katya! Now the father. His name. Sigmund. Does it end with a T or a D? D. It’s Sigmund. The father’s name? He is not a Russian.
There is no father’s name. His surname? Freud. I put it down. So it’s
Sigmund Freud. Is that right? Where did you find him? My friends, this is our last
meeting before the holidays! Thank you! For the
first time in 10 years I’ll visit my father’s
house in a small town of the Russian Empire. This is dangerous, professor. Natalie thinks so too.
But there is no danger now. The Iron Curtain has fallen.
I don’t believe that it was the KGB’s cunning plan fashioned
out to flash me out of here. I chose one situation for us
to discuss at the last lesson. A young sportsman, a swimmer swims out. She suddenly realizes the
great depth that is beneath her. She gets scared and starts to drown… Was she saved? Yes. A boat with two young
men happened to be nearby. May we get to know what
she said afterwards? She said that she felt
the necessity to die and decided not to fight it. Where did it happen? In the Soviet Union. Maybe she was striving for freedom that death embodied, in her opinion. I said that she was very young. Too young to be in real
contradiction with the regime. Was she innocent? She was. So, the influence of parents, sports, complete absence of sexual life… You’re on a right road!
The very thought about sex seemed to be sinful to that girl. Subconsciously she believed
that she had no way out. She was in a trap! That’s
why her thoughts about death were implemented in such
unexpected situations. The guys in the boat… who were they? It doesn’t make any difference. Why? If you were one of them, professor, then she simply fell in love. It’s dangerous to fall
in love at great depths! It’s evident that more
and more foreigners will be coming to our country now. So what? Sergey, come to me in an hour. Did you see how many people
visit the zoo in spring? Yes, but the zoo in Moscow. For the West we’re the
zoo where spring came. Hello. Good afternoon. Do you want some coffee? No, thank you. Maybe some tea? I don’t want to. You must want something, don’t you? Yes. I want to make a hotel
out of your plant’s hostel. I want it to work on a
self-supporting basis. Here are the accounts.
Look them through. What if winter comes to the zoo? I doubt it. All right. Let’s suppose I’m
out of my mind and I agree. What will your role be? I’ll be the director.
This is for the first. Secondly I’ll have a right
to dispose of the profits. Well… isn’t this burden too
heavy for a tender woman like you? No. It’s my idea. I
fashioned this project out. I brought good builders.
I only need money from you. I see. Almost nothing. What rights will I have, then? You or your plant, as you wish, will have a stabile
share of the profits. Tell me, do you ever
smile? I’m just interested. Only in cases of absolute necessity. I’d look at your smile. You’re charming. That redhead… A redhead? What redhead? That student… Are you sleeping with her? What an unexpected
question from an assistant! I’m your wife. Formally but…
I still have a right to ask. You have a right to ask. When we come to your city… where will we go? Not we but I! I shall visit
my father first of all. You know, sometimes I want to kill you. Wait. You chose such a
life yourself, didn’t you? You were always free, weren’t you? No. No, because I love you. You’re too clever to
cheat on yourself, Natalie. I’m not cheating on myself. The
question is what I’m feeling. Do you have anybody? No. But you had somebody, didn’t you? Did you sleep with that
redhead? Did you sleep with her? Answer me – did you sleep with her? I’ve had enough! Enough!
Our plane is in two hours! I can’t stand it anymore!
I can’t live so anymore! Good afternoon. Hello. May I? Yes. But be quiet, my child is sleeping. Hello. Hello. When are you going to start? Don’t laugh at a
person that has gone mad and is going to waste
his money. So… when? In two weeks, if it is possible. To tell you the truth, you
never end to surprise me. I thought you’ll say “tomorrow”. I would, but tomorrow
we’re leaving for two weeks… to for a vacation. Well… two weeks, then. Good bye. Yes. Good bye. Wait for me. Hello. Hello. Who do you need? I’ve come to Viktor Ivanovitch. He is long gone. Did he move? No. Vika! Vika! Stop,
where are you going? Vika? Maxim? Maxim! The neighbors said that
his son escaped abroad. Victor Ivanovitch was
excluded from the party’s ranks as a traitor. He couldn’t
stand that, took a rifle and… I’m sorry. I’m very sorry. Where was he buried? I don’t know. We moved in a year later… I beg your pardon. You know what? Wait! In the
attic… I have his suitcase. Wait, I’ll be back in a
moment. I’ll bring it now! Mum? Mum, stand up! I’m bored. Let’s have a walk. You promised! Of course. Get ready! Very good. You’re
making progress. Go, go! Mum, where are we going? Nowhere. We’re just ascending.
It’s beautiful there. You were here before, weren’t you? It doesn’t mean anything. Go up! The landscape is always
more beautiful from above. Great! Mum, is that you on the painting? No. No, of course not. Who is this man? I don’t know. I don’t know. What is that? Be quiet! Maybe it’s a wolf. Let’s run! Run down! Don’t look back! Let’s drink. Your bill, please. Thank you. Anything else? No, no. Hello. Hello. Here you go. The honey carp, please
and… the arrow-wood liquor. Mum, did you see that man? Come on, we’re leaving. Let’s go, it’s time
for us to go. Get up! Come on! What’s wrong with you? It just seemed to me that… What? Explanations will take long time. We’re not in a hurry. Ten years ago… during my last day here… A Russian girl… you lost her address. I remember this story. How did it end? It ended in nothing, as you see. How did that day end? That
evening… or that night? We were talking… We drank
the arrow-wood liquor. What happened next? She suddenly said: “Kiss me”. No. First she wanted to dance. With me? So we danced. We danced, and then she started crying. I don’t understand. If you knew how painful it is
to realize that nobody needs you. Nobody knows how bad I feel. Even you… Even you… It’s incredible… incredible… Kostya… Yes, we’re coming. Wait. Kiss me. I’ve waited so long for this! Kostya, wait! Arthur! Kostya! People say you were in prison. I made a joke. But people in
KGB have no sense of humor. Arthur! Arthur, dear! I’m so glad to see you! I’m so grateful that you brought happiness to
Kostya and me. Isn’t that true? What is she saying? This is for you! Nothing comprehensive. It’s so beautiful here! It’s magic! Why are we standing? Come on! Did you kiss it? I did. What does it taste like? It’s cold. The arrow-wood liquor
for you. Can you imagine? A man was 38. He was standing
by a truck at the meeting. There were many people
around. A meeting. A meeting? Yes. It was a meeting. A meeting. Do you understand? The truck’s side fell and hit him right in his
temple. Can you imagine? Kostya, I don’t understand
what he is saying. Translate for me, please! It’s impossible to translate that. Were these Russian abuses? What is she saying? Nothing, nothing. So he was killed.
Killed! He was a rich man. Kostya are you rich? No. No. No? This is my last order for today. People die badly nowadays.
Everyone is clinging for life! They are practically
clinging for it. Let’s drink! This is Kostya! This
is Kostya, isn’t it? It is Kostya! When did you paint it? When you left. We were young then. When I came back I added
some age. To you and to her. Only dead people don’t change,
Kostya! A bouquet! I need a vase. Is that her? Is that her? Kostya, I asked you one question twice! I hope you won’t do
it for the third time! It’s so beautiful! Look! You feel bad, don’t you? I know that. You feel bad because of him.
You can’t be all right with him. If only you chose me then… I’d be good to you. I’d never hurt you. Why “Freud”? What does
Freud has to do with it? I don’t understand. I understand. You know, I have a dream. What dream? I want to have a supper with you. It’ll hinder the business. One of us must be crazy. Let me be the crazy one. Tell me, professor,
may I consider your book a result of your
many-year work in France? Yes and no. As you wish. Did your views change in the
course of these ten years? Even a rhino’s views could have
changed in such a long period! Why did you switch it off? I’m tired of empty words. You were answering very well. It rarely happens at the presentations. Would you like to drink? I don’t want to drink
for that press-conference. I want to drink for something else. Like what? We’ll have a baby. A baby? Yes. Are you joking? No, this is true. I’m
pregnant. Three months pregnant. What are you going to do? What do you mean? Give birth, of course. What for? This is our baby! I don’t understand! Do you want to have a baby? Yes, I do. I don’t! You shall get rid of
him! Have a baby with someone else! Are you out of your mind? What
are you saying? You’re a monster! I’m not going to have an abortion! So, you need a baby from me, right? Yes. Do you think it’ll change anything? Do you think that I’ll
become a faithful husband when I look at it? This is unfair! No one has a right to dispose of other person’s life! Natalie! Natalie! I made an injection
but she shall stay calm. Don’t worry, she will be
all right. Is it a deal? Yes. Wait a minute. I’ll see you off. Do you remember our
conversation ten years ago? Not really. I said that happiness was
possible if you wanted it. Do you want it? I’ll allow myself to refrain
from answering your question. He wants it, dad. But he is very scared. What are you afraid of, Konstantin? He is afraid of being an ordinary man. It’s a hard test for some people
– to be like everybody else. Natalie, this is not the
best time to demonstrate your skills in psychoanalysis! Why? Natalie, you shall have rest! Do you remember what the doctor said? I worry for her. She is not very young but she wants to give you this baby. I beg you to watch over her. She is everything that I have
in life. She and the baby. I understand. Maybe not. Good bye, dad. Don’t you dare analyze me. Why not? I have your baby inside of me! I have the full right to talk
about his father’s complexes! I repeat – I don’t need this baby! You need it! You need
it even more than I do! Not your baby! I‘m sorry! Whose baby do you want? Do you want to have a
baby from that Russian girl that nearly drowned in the
river? Do you want to have a baby with her? Is that so? Answer me! That’s it! I’ve had enough! Wait! Kostya! Wait! Natalie! Natalie! Natalie! Natalie! God! Do you hear me? Natalie! Kostya, come on! Your wife and your daughter will live. We failed to save the child,
though. I’m very sorry. You may see her. She
wanted to see you first. But be quick, please. She is very weak. Oh, God! She loves you so much! Monsignor, come on. Are you going? Yes, yes. Have you packed? Yes, mum. I’ll put the sandwiches on top. Eat them as soon as you’re there
otherwise they’ll get spoilt. Who packs things like
that? Let me do it myself. Mum? What? May I take it with me? What? Freud. What do you need it for? I need it! We’ll have a seminar! Don’t be afraid. I won’t lose it. I’m not afraid. Is that all? It is. May I go? You may. Let’s go. Let’s sit down for you
to have a good trip. Mum, we’re being late. Come on, come on! Will you remember everything? Yes, mum, I will. Allow me, please. Lada, be quick. I beg your pardon. Wait. Tell the conductor
to change your place. What for? Who knows who that guy is! Hello. Mum, please meet Ilya.
He is my close friend. We’re going to the seminar together. What do you mean – “a close friend”? Just a close friend, mum! Please leave the train!
The train is departing! My girl! Call me when you’re there! Of course I will! Call me! Lady, go out! Don’t touch me! My girl! Good bye! We’ll take you to Moscow otherwise. I wish you did! Go out! I’m going out! The train is departing! Thank you, my friends. Thank you. If someone said in times of my youth that a provincial boy who
escaped to the Capitalistic France would read lectures on Freud
in the Moscow University I’d never believe that. Meet Natalie. She is my
long-standing assistant. Hello. First of all I’m ready to
answer any of your questions. Why did you choose such an
unusual place for your lecture? I love freedom. In everything! Do you have a family? Not in the usual sense, no. Do you have children? Of course I do! You’re my children! They say that your female
students are mad about you. I think that mad students
don’t visit my lectures. What do you think of love? What a good question!
What love do you mean? Erotic love, let’s say. With sympathy. Have you ever been in love? This question is too personal. You let us ask any questions! I got a bit carried away. Ask him about Freud! Professor, what is
your opinion of Freud? He used to be my unquestionable
idol for many years. What about now? I have some reservations now. I think he overrated the role of sex. You used to think differently
before, didn’t you? Do you think it’s connected
with my ripe old age? How old are you, professor? I think I’m 45. What is your name? Lada. Lada. What a beautiful name – Lada. If your questions are over
let’s talk about Freud! Konstantin Victorovitch?
Mr. Professor, Natalie! We’d like to invite you to
a students’ dinner tonight! It’s not too cheeky of me, is it? No. But we still don’t know… Don’t refuse, professor. Lada
promised to cook the honey crap. What? The honey crap? Yes. Can you cook the honey carp? Yes. My mum and I used to spend
holidays in one little town. There was a caf? there.
They cooked honey carp… What town was that? I don’t remember. Will you come? Of course I will. Excellent! See you later, then! Good bye. What did she want? They invited us to dinner. It must be silly to go
to a dinner in a suit. It’s silly to go there in general. You may stay here. No, I’ll go with you. Don’t
worry, I won’t get in your way. That girl will get what she wants
– like the rest of them. What girl? What girl? That young beauty
who asked about your age. Like all the rest she’ll
get you for one night after which she’ll never
come to your seminar again. Shut up! What do you need those girls for? Do you think they’ll
save you from yourself? Shut up! No, they won’t help you!
Nothing will help you! You don’t know how to be happy! You don’t know how to love! Stop it! Ekaterina Alexandrovna,
where are you going? I’m leaving. Where do? What are you doing here? I’m celebrating. I know
that it doesn’t interest you. But today is a nine-year anniversary
of the day when our child… Stop it, Natalie! Stop it! Will you have some? What are you drinking? Red wine. Do you want some? This is silly. What is silly? To mix red wine with vodka. Wait. This is not silly.
This is very tasty! Stop it! Stop it, Natalie! Leave me! I feel good here. Leave… You must be going crazy. Leave! You’re mad! Friends, I want to
apologize for the fact that I failed to come
yesterday. There was some… emergency business.
Let’s start the lecture. Well… the science of myths and dreams is still in its infantry stage
now. The dreams interpretation… I’m sorry, professor. You’re late for the lecture. This
is disrespect for the subject. Professor, we’re sorry. Of course you should be. Lada, why are you late? We slept over. I didn’t ask you. We slept over. All right. Let’s ask
the student who came late whether she saw a dream tonight. I saw a dream indeed, professor. Tell us about it. It’ll
serve as an example. It was disorderly.
It’s hard to retell it. Try it! The edge of a gorge.
Some pavilion. And we… I… So you weren’t alone, were you? I was with mum. She asked me to
see how beautiful it was around. Was it beautiful? Yes it was. But I was
looking not at the landscape but at the paintings.
There were paintings there. Right under the tree…
portraits. A man and a woman. They were rather large. Have you ever seen those
portraits in reality? Yes. In my childhood.
Mum and I went uphill. There was a little pavilion
there, a tree and the paintings. A man and a woman. Do you remember their faces? No, it was so long ago.
I remember telling mum that it was her portrait.
It seemed to me so. The recollections in
dreams mean nothing! Freud held another opinion. He believed that the further in
the past a recollection happened the more valuable the
symbols that it contains are! Kiss me please. For real… Freud didn’t care about that! Lada, I’d like to ask
you a few questions. Wait for me, OK? OK. I’ll be by the motorcycle. I’m all ears, professor. Who are your parents? Mum is a director of a hotel. And your father? Promise not to laugh, professor. I promise. Freud. You promised, professor! I’m not laughing. This is what written in my
birth certificate. Honestly. My mother’s name and Sigmund Freud. Is your mum interested in philosophy? No. But she must have read
Freud. She has his book. What book? “Lectures for Housewives”.
She values it very much. She even put down her address
on the cover not to lose it. Is something wrong, professor? No, no. everything is all right. It’s time for me to go. Good bye. Arthur! You look like a trump. Where is Kostya? We separated. Separated? Separated. What does that mean? Did he leave you? No. We just separated. Separated. Do you remember how you touched me when we were sitting here? Like this. Do you remember? Oh, my separated one… Here we go. What are you doing? A holiday! A fireworks! A salute! But… these are your works! I’m sick and tired of
that! This is the past! The past? The holiday of the past? Right! The holiday of the past. Wait! I have an idea. What are you doing? Farewell to the past! All right, farewell! Mum? May I spend the night here? Lyuba, can you imagine… Katya… Will you have some tea? Hello, professor. May I come in? Lada. Are you sick, professor? No. Why? You didn’t come to the lecture.
Neither you nor Natalie. What time is it? Six. Six p.m.? Yes. The students sent me to get
to know what has happened. Nothing. Natalie left. And I slept over. This is disrespect for the subject! You’re right. There is no coffee here. I know a place where coffee is good. I’ll get dressed quickly. Your coffee, professor. Thank you. You know, I saw your dream tonight. It turned out to be infectious. Who were those people
from the portraits? I have no idea. I think he was… the artist’s friend. And he met a girl… right
in the middle of the river. She turned out to be a mermaid! Why mermaid? She was a
sportswoman… a swimmer. Don’t say that it was
love from the first sight, professor, I beg you! Even if they fell in love they
couldn’t realize it so fast. They only spent one
unusual day with each other. How interesting! They were drinking the arrow-wood
liquor… talking… then dancing. And later? Did they go all the way? They did, of course! What an unusual day! It was unusual for them. All right. What about the portraits? Where did they come from? The artist painted
them. For good memory. They separated but the portraits
remained under the trees. Wait. Why did they separate? For example, he was married.
And her vacations came to an end. Did they meet again? No they didn’t. Why is that? He lost her address. Is that all? He lived as he wanted
to. He was successful. But he remembered her all his life. And she remembered him too, of course. She had a child from him. Wow! I beg your pardon, professor… But I think that this
story is too banal. A mermaid would have
been more interesting. The best things in life are banal. How can you say that, professor? Hello, professor. Well? Shall we go? Wait. You’ll now leave on the
motorcycle. It’s very banal. But you’ll remember that
for your entire life. No, professor. Two people in love on a
motorbike… this is too banal! Your rucksack!

100 thoughts on “Лекции для Домохозяек. Фильм. StarMedia. Фильмы о Любви. Мелодрама

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  2. Конец открытый. В выпавшей из рюкзака книге – адрес возлюбленной Кости.

  3. Это не конец истории любви. Это всего лишь конец серьезного фильма. В некоторых эпизодах мы, рожденные в СССР, вспомним и увидим себя, свои банальные правильные и неправильные мысли, желания, поступки. Неужели, чтобы понять чем кончилась история,мы должны были обезательно увидеть свадьбу или сцену в постели?

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  32. Отличный сюжет,актеры хорошие и прекрасный хэппи энд,,,Я уверена,что они непременно встретятся и проживут вместе много-много лет,потому что настоящая любовь остается навсегда,,,,СПАСИБО!!!

  33. Бедная Екатерина – родители сволочи.
    Детей даёт Бог это Божий подарок за минуту любви.
    Но дети это Божий подарок – а мать беременную дочь гнобят отправляет на оборот.
    А дитя надо беречь.
    Беременную надо ограждать от всего негатива.
    Детей надо рожать побольше и пораньше.
    Как можно раньше – потому что в жизни все может случиться, например мужчины – переболел :" Свинкой" – бездетность наступила, попал в Армию отбили почки или яйца без детей остался, или Чернобыльская станция взорвалась, и многое другое то что может привести к бесплодию как женщин так и мужчин, несовместимость крови.
    Отрицательный резус у женщин и даже у мужчин может повлиять на здоровье ребёнка. Все матери должны осознавать – родили ребенка – должны дать возможность родить тоже.
    Поэтому – никаких оборотов.
    Рожать как можно раньше и как можно больше.
    Получить образование можно заочно, можно и в 40 лет – а родить особенно первого ребёнка надо до 26 лет.

  34. Если мы не обозначаем в отношениях рамки, за которые нельзя переходить, мы провоцируем партнёра на то, что он начинает продавливать нас, пытаться манипулировать. Он как бы идёт мелкими шажками и спрашивает сам себя: если мне можно это, возможно, мне разрешат и это? О, запрета нет? Попробую-ка я ещё и это. Такова эгоистичная природа человека. В конце концов оказывается, что ваш партнёр давно сел вам на шею – по вашей вине. Вместо того, чтобы в самом начале мягко пресечь попытки «продавливания», вы играли роль «великодушного», и в результате остались в дураках. Мало того, если вы так долго и так много разрешали партнёру, то на поздней стадии запреты уже не помогут. Как это: раньше было можно, а теперь – нельзя? Скандал, расставание. Чтобы такого не допускать, проводите границы сразу и стерегите их зорче, нежели советские пограничники в годы холодной войны стерегли рубежи СССР. Деспотом быть нельзя, но и «великодушным» простофилей – тоже.

  35. В ожидании чуда, или как относиться к беременной жене
    Ожидание ребенка – период сладостного ожидания чуда, ожидания новой жизни. Многие мужчины, которые готовятся впервые ощутить на себе радостное бремя отцовства, не знают, как относиться к беременной жене, как себя вести. Между тем, ничего особо сложного здесь нет.
    Больше времени
    Уделяйте любимой больше времени и внимания, чем вы уделяете обычно, потому что ей сейчас нужно еще больше заботы. Чтобы ребенок родился здоровым, нужно обеспечить его матери психологический комфорт.
    Восхищайтесь женой
    Помните, что вынашивание ребенка – это тяжкий труд для матери, а потому вы должны восхищаться своей второй половинкой, говорить ее комплименты, подчеркивать ее успехи и достижения.
    Любить, как самого себя, не будьте, к ним суровы, оказывать им честь, как сонаследницам благодатной жизни.
    Божья благодать на беременной женщине.

  36. Не встретятся, потому что он трус и эгоист. Он не искал ее, не вспоминал об отце 10 лет, и дочери не сказал, кто он. Он жил как хотел и будет жить так и дальше. Мужчина на одну ночь.

  37. просмотрев фильм… прочитав комментарии…. задеюсь вопросом они остались вместе??? о очень интересно! Если есть возможность отвечаете в комментариях имена в меня, очень интересно! почта: [email protected] Спасибо!!!

  38. У примитивного фильма должен быть простой конец. А тут замудрили. Не смотрите, очень пустоте кино.

  39. У героя совершенно никчемная жизнь.
    Ненужный тип человека, человека-"натянутая струна", человека-"оголенный нерв". Всё и вся должно крутиться вокруг него единственного, непонятого, метущегося.

    Причем никто не имеет права его критиковать, он же особенный, его невозможно понять. Как он там сказал жене, которая вывезла его из ненавистной страны?! "Не смей анализировать меня" 01:21:05 …

    Такого не волнует, что станет с его близкими от тех поступков, которые он совершает. Отец застрелился, другу попортили жизнь компетентные органы. И эта девочка, которую он якобы раскрепостил, как пишут в комментариях.
    Друг верно оценивает Костю: "Разве с ним может быть хорошо?!" 01:15:40

    Тут в комментариях осуждают его отношение к жене Натали. А он может по-другому?! Ему кажется, что с той, несостоявшейся любовью он мог бы быть счастлив. Возможно эта мысль и питает его жизнь. Вернее найдена причина мучиться самому и мучить близких. Это специфическое топливо для продолжения жизни.
    Несмотря на то, что является профессором психологии, не хочет признать, что любая, даже, казалась бы, любимая женщина станет раздражать его очень быстро.

    Вся его жизнь – банальная фикция, вредящая окружающим.
    Его можно оправдать как человека-наказание, человека-испытание для кого-то.
    Но в таком случае важен этот кто-то, который принял это наказание или испытание в его лице.
    А конкретно он сам, получается, всего лишь инструмент, который использовали, чтобы кто-то более важный поднялся на другой духовный уровень или же упал еще ниже.

    К таким людям отношу некоторых актеров, например, нетерпимый, непредсказуемый Олег Даль (прожил 39 лет), Владислав Дворжецкий в "Бег", "Капитан Немо" (39 лет), игра Виктора Авилова (51 год) тоже создает впечатление натянутой струны. Из ныне живущих тоже есть экземпляры.
    В конце концов, всей своей жизнью доводят себя к "обрыву струны". Живут мало и, доведя своих близких до отчаяния, умирают изъеденные болячками или алко/нарко зависимостью.
    И мне совсем неинтересно знать остались ли эти герои фильма вместе, как это интересует комментаторов.
    Всё понятно, лаконично и правильно.

  40. марина баданова – только дети, почему-то рождались … ) С таким шаблонным представлением о людях, живших в то время, вам, конечно, трудно представить, что творилось в их головах и сердцах. Так что никакого нонсенса. Читал народ и Бальзака, и Флобера, ещё и покруче фразы поняли… за что порой и страдали.

  41. Правдивый, реалистичный фильм, выделяющийся на общем мыльнооперном фоне. И чудесная мелодия лейтмотивом . . . Да, старик Фрейд явно приувеличил роль секса в жизнни. А вот роль любви приувеличить трудно )

  42. Боже, какой фильм!!!! Спасибо !!!! Глоток родниковой воды….Чистый, целебный, волшебный….Его создатель гений..Он умеет любить и резонирует ….на этой волне хочется творить….Это энергия ТВОРЦА…Сама Агни….Вот говорю и чувствую, что слова меркнут и не соответствуют ….Но если  только стихи или молитва могут передать восторг  …моё  чувство….АУМ.

  43. конец скомканный.. да и неясно, простит ли мама Лады{Катя) Костю; ведь в кафе она не " захотела" узнавать его!..

  44. замечательный,не шаблонный фильм!прекрасно играют актёры.спасибо сценаристу

  45. Во-первых таких страшных и старых КГБистов не было. Во-вторых – заросших парней тоже не было…т.к. не было бомжей и не с кого пример было брать. А вот Югославия – да приравнивалась к кап.стране при поездке за границу.

  46. Почти во всех сценариях – женщины =падают на хвост= мужчинам и их невозможно оторвать…причём делают это нагло и противно. Здесь то же…Француженка никак не желает уйти от мужчины…зная ..что он ничего к ней не испытывает…Всю жизнь…всю молодую жизнь так унижаться….Сценарии …как под копирку …

  47. Простите: как музыку пожалуйста. what is the name of soundtrack and Who perform this wonderful piano. Спасибо.

  48. фильм наполненный, ни одного ненужного кадра, все со смыслом. Благодарю

  49. Один говнюк, решил испортить жизнь всем близким людям. Укатил в Париж, а об остальных и не подумал, что их затаскают КГБ.

  50. Фильм задел за душу. Тема стара как мир и так индивидуальна.
    Первая любовь остаётся в душе на долгие времена. Предательство
    Тоже не истирается из памяти.
    Фильм наводит на размышления. Спасибо за фильм.

  51. Фильм вызвал противоречивое чувство. Ожидалось – вернётся, встретятся, будут счастливы. Сценаристы неожиданно завернули по другому: Костя трус и приспособленец (жить с нелюбимой женщиной) она – хоть и любила, но получив такой отпор скорее всего отправила бы его назад в Союз,а не терпела все эти годы, девчушка, родившая ребёнка, отказавшись от помощи родителей, ушедшая в никуда в то время вряд ли стала бизнес вумен при помощи бескорыстного взрослого дяденьки. Но наверное именно этими фильм и зацепил.

  52. то что ты видела, это не то что ты подумала😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  53. Многие в СССР ненавидели и презирали страну, в которой родились, выросли и выучились. "Счастливчикам" удалось покинуть её, хлебнув в полной мере все тяготы на чужбине. Некоторые достигли высокого материального уровня, а счастье ( т.е. их душа) все равно осталось на Родине. Поэтому надо всегда быть верными своей стране, родному городу, семье. Здесь девочка Катя невероятно сильная духом. На таких мир держится.

  54. Не ожидала…,но меня увлек фильм и держал на всем протяжении …есть над чем подумать!

  55. Приложение для небольшого заработка

    Не обман!!
    Может кому понравится, немного конечно но хоть что то

    Я жене скачал понравилось ей! Занимается сортировкой всякой информации в интернете, с начала нужно хорошо все изучить, инструкцию читайте, можете и ролики посмотреть на эту тему, что бы вы понимали это может не тысяча в день с начала она вообще 2 доллара за неделю заработала, но чем больше заданий обучилась и подняла свой рейтинг тем больше заработок, это не реклама не в коем случае, просто кто хочет можете попробовать,
    Сейчас по возможности конечно как сынок позволит она доллара 4/5/6 делает, я думаю за 3 часа сидя дома это норм, хоть какая то помощь мне)) тем более что не получилось декретные оформить и ей ничего не начисляют

  56. http://disk-space.ru/download/fffe94b13e/dannye_uchenyh_svidetelystvuyut%3A_tot%2C_kto_est_chasche%2C_no_menyshimi_porciyami%2C_teryaet_bolyshe_vesa._bolyshe_chitayte_zdesy%3A_.jpg.html

  57. Шикарным фильм назвать нельзя.
    Единственная хорошая актриса, ее игра – это уже взрослая дочь главного героя!
    Остальные актеры – без комментариев… скучные, наигранные и т.д.
    Костя по фидьму негодяй. Неблагодарный!! Обоим женщинам испортил жизнь. Особенно для Натали. Неблагодарный. Противный тип.
    Профессор 😒 … можно подумать)

  58. Мне фильм очень понравился. Две женщины – Катя и француженка. Катя – сильная личность, сама вырастила дочку, будучи совсем молоденькой, без понимания и поддержки родителей. Француженка должна была понимать, что это – фиктивный брак, хотя очень любила Костю. А Костя жил всю свою жизнь – одной ночью с Катей. Поэтому его измены французской жене – я не рассматриваю. И, единственная ночь любви с ней, случилась именно там, где они были с Катей. А конец фильма – мне понравился. Папа нашёл дочку, родившуюся от любимой женщины, по книге, где есть адрес Кати (родителей) – он её найдёт. Ведь, фактически он всё понял и рассказал Ладе, а парень помешал закончиться разговору, умчав её на мотоцикле. Но как ожил Костя! Да, он уехал из страны, стал профессором, но потерял свою судьбу…на долгие годы.

  59. Фильм тяжелый, Костя неприятный , холодный, полный комплексов эгоист. Если бы остался с Катей, то испортил бы жизнь и ей и дочке. Такие люди не меняются. У него нет ничего святого, десятки лет не вспоминать даже о родных и близких… Нашел случайно свою книгу и …. все. На лице только непонятная ухмылка…

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